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Paul Cheong and Ryan Shade


3. Brian Safina and Hiufung Chu in foreground



In foreground, both unidentified. In back, Larry Overman,Paul Rider, Jack Roberts.


Two students discussing research


Davild A. Evans and Lukasz Koroniak


Randy Vivian and Randy Halcomb


Wide angle View of Poster Session


Juan Fernandez, Sanaz Kabehie, Randy Vivian


Student, Fraser Stoddart, Chris Henry


Kaushik Patel and Miguel Garcia-Garibay


Claire Yates explaining her poster to an unidentified man


Unidentified participant listening to Steve Karlen's explanation of poster


Another view of the poster session


Jennifer Luft (left) with two students


David Ho, Ohyun Kwon, John Lowe


Jack Roberts speaking with guests


18 Essa Hu and Jack Janey


UC Irvine students Stephen Habay, Zach Woydziak and Steve Kennedy


Mark Olson


Percy Carter and Brett Allison and Travis Dunn in foreground, Rey Villa and Larry Overman in background


Hshu-Ying Chung


Ken Houk, Jean Claude Caille, Chuck Kreutzberger


Larry Overman and Paul Reider