Yanhong She in audience


Mike Gresser, Jim Peter, Emil Reisler


Harold G. Martinson, Chair of Chemistry, welcomes all to the event



First Session Chair, Peter Edwards, to introduce Peter G. Schultz, the first speaker,


Peter G. Schultz of the Scripps Research Institute speaks on "New Opportunities at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology."



Peter Tontonoz of UCLA is the second speaker.


His talk topic is "Nuclear Receptiors at the Crossroads of Lipid Metabolism and Inflammation."


 Break and Poster Session


Marcel Baluda and friend


Jim Peter, Chris Jamieson and Peter Tontonoz


Jim Peter, Charles West, Emil Reisler


John Fessler and David Mangelsdorf


Jay Gralla, second Session Chair, presents Award to Anita Iyers for her poster.


After that, he introduces David Mangelsdorf, the third speaker


David Mangelsdorf, Univ. of Texas Southwest Medical Center, begins his talk on "LXR and FXR: The Yin and Yang of Lipid Metabolism"





Ronald M. Evans, of the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, is the final speaker of the day and 2005 Seaborg Medal winner.

He speaks on "Nuclear Receptors and the Complex Journey into Obesity."








Harold Martinson presents Ron Evans with a plaque from the County of Los Angeles


Harold Martinson congratulates Evans at the end of his talk....


....then presents him with a special plaque, created by the County of Los Angeles, in Ron Evans' honor

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