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    Hetero-integrated Nanostructures and Nanodevices

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Postdoctoral Fellows



Yuxi Xu

B.S. in Chemistry, Wuhan University, 2007
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Tsinghua University, 2011

Research interest:
Fundamentals and applications of carbon nanomaterials and conjugated polymers; Hierarchical self-assembly of nanomaterials; Polymeric biomaterials.


Woo Jong Yu, Postdoc

Ph.D. in Nano Science, Sungkyunkwan University, 2011
B.S. in Information and Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, 2007

Research interest: Nano device.


Hailong Zhou

Ph.D in Physics, National University of Singapore, 2008

Research interest: the III-V nanostructures for next generation green solar energy source, and graphene growth & characterization.

Hobbies: Swimming, badminton.


Graduate Students


Xing Zhong

B.S. in Chemistry, Nanjing University, 2009

Research interest: Energy storage/conversion devices

Harshness is a must for young to experience and succeed.

Qiao Su

B.S. in Chemistry, Tsinghua University, 2010.

Research interest: MnO2-graphene supercapacitor materials.


Shan Jiang, Graduate student

B.S. in Chemistry, Peking University, 2009

Research interest: graphene based biosensor.

Hobbies: Reading, Travelling, Swimming.


Udayabagya Halim 

B.S. in Chemistry, UCLA, 2010

Research Interest: Layered material exfoliation, Nanomaterials.

Hobby: Photography, Traveling, Hiking.

Zhaoyang Lin

B.S. in Chemistry. University of Science and Technology of China. 2011.

Research interest: nanostruture synthesis; nanodevice.
Hobbies: History, Biography, Tennis, Soccer.

Chain Lee

B.S. in Chemistry, UCLA, 2011

Research Interest: Conductive polymers & Catalysis


Jonathan Shaw

B.S. in Chemistry, UCLA, 2011

Research Interest: Semiconducting nanomaterials grown via Chemical Vapor Deposition, High Energy Density Materials

Fun Fact: I used to be a snowboarding instructor in Lake Tahoe


Hua Zhang, Graduate student

B.S., in Materials Science, Fudan University, 2008

Research interest: Plasmonics, Energy Storage Devices


Former Members

Lilit Keshishyan  
Edit Matevosyan  
Yasmin Abedin  
Kathleen Luo  
Churan Zheng  
Tahani Zeid  
Eliana Vigan┏