Undergraduate Student Awards

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 Alumni Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Presented by Dr. Robert Boschan to:  Nicholas Thomas Hertz
 Ronald S. Gabriel, M.D./Scrubs Unlimited Summer Research Fellowship Presented by Dr. Marjorie Bates to:  Marc Andrew Rodriguez
 Yoshie Kadota Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Presented by Ms. Ruthie Kadota & Ms. Akiko Woods to:  Carolyn Kingsley
 Daniel Kivelson Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship
Presented by Professor Emily Carter to:
 Michael Beliciu
 Arthur Furst Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
Presented by Professor Yung-Ya Lin to:
 Eric William Scamman
 Dolores Cannon Southam Award for Excellence in Research
Presented by Mr. Hillel Fierer to:
 Iulia Giuroiu and Tiffany Ly
 Dunn Award for Excellence in Biochemistry Presented by Professor Catherine Clarke to:  Marrissa Leigh Baker, Cheng Ran Huang, Kristen S. Lee, Toni Marie Lee, Tamar Sardarian
 Geissman Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry Presented by Professor Craig Merlic to:  Robert Patrick Lo, Jennifer Taing and Patrick Lauren Theofanis
 Bauer Award for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry Presented by Professor Jeffrey Zink to:  Haider Imad Rasool
 Ramsey Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry Presented by Professor Thomas Mason to:  Ava Chung, Wai Pui Ng, Eric William Scamman and Ryan Michael Young
Ethel Terry McCoy Award for Excellence in Chemistry & Biochemistry Presented by Professor Robin Garrell to:  Tiffany Brooke Crunelle, Therasa Kim, Jennifer Kristine Lee, Maya Amorai Remington and Erica Anne Schim
 Merck Index Award Presented by Dr. Steven Kim to:  Nicholas Thomas Hertz, Anusha Kalbasi , James Chong Kang ,Roger Li , Gary Jen-Wei Tong and Taryar Min Zaw
 Hypercube Scholar Presented by Professor Kendall Houk to:  Patrick Lauren Theofanis
 Gold Family Foundation Award to:  Alon Roy Llagas Agua