Houk Research Group
Group Members
Research Associates
Roger Helgeson
Postdoctoral Fellows
Acia Liu
Jiyong Park
Pier Alexandre Champagne
Yunfang Yang
Marc Garcia Borras
Shuming Chen
Jacob Sanders
Graduate Students
Xiaofei Dong
Jason Fell
Jessica Grandner
Cyndi He
Song Yang
Brian Levandowski
Janice Lin
Adam Simon
Zhongyue Yang
Peiyuan Yu
Nathan Gallup
Guanhua Huang
Visiting Graduate Students
Abing Duan
Fengjiao Liu
Undergraduate Students
Bernice Lin
Irene Chang
Momoko Ishii
Wei Li
Celena Wu
Summer Undergraduate Students
Administrative Assistant
Laura Strom
Former Group Members
UCLA Group Members, 1986-Current (UCLA era)
Honors and Awards
Awards to Houk Group Members
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Kendall N. Houk

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