Synthetic Control Across Length-scales for Advancing Rechargeables (SCALAR)

A US Department of Energy Energy Frontier Research Center (Class: 2018 — 2022)


To design materials, interfaces, and architectures that revolutionize the performance of energy storage systems by dramatically expanding the range of materials systems and chemistries that can be employed in next generation batteries.

Research Plan

The SCALAR center aims to rethink battery materials to take advantage of a much broader set of reactions and materials than traditional transition metal cation redox approaches. This is combined with new methods to control and characterize architectures and interfaces with the goal of bridging atomistic and nanometer length-scales in the quest to improve cycling stability and electron and ion transport over broad working ranges. Research Schematic


Professor Sarah Tolbert (UCLA) and Professor Bruce Dunn (UCLA)

Research Thrusts

Thrust 1: Anionic redox as a new paradigm for next-generation energy storage

Leader: Brent Melot, USC
Team: Brad Chmelka, Bruce Dunn, Sri Narayan, Kimberly See, Ram Seshadri, Alex Spokoyny, Sarah Tolbert, and Anton Van der Ven

Thrust 2: Increasing electrical conductivity in electrodes without compromising ion mobility

Leader: Ram Seshadri, UC Santa Barbara
Team: Bruce Dunn, Brent Melot, Thomas Miller, Sri Narayan, Laurent Pilon, Rachel Segalman, Barry Thompson, Sarah Tolbert, and Anton Van der Ven

Thrust 3: Stabilizing physical and electrochemical interfaces

Leader: Xiangfeng Duan, UCLA
Brad Chmelka, Bruce Dunn, Jian Luo, Sri Narayan, Philippe Sautet, Kimberly See, Sarah Tolbert, and Johanna Nelson Weker

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All Participating Senior Investigators

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Bruce Dunn
Laurent Pilon
Philippe Sautet
Alex Spokoyny
Sarah Tolbert
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Rachel Segalman
Ram Seshadri
Anton Van der Ven
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Sri Narayan
Barry Thompson
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Huguette Albrecht, Administrative Director, SCALAR EFRC
email: halbrecht at conet dot ucla dot edu +++ phone: 310-825-5125 +++ webspace: