More scenes from ca 1950s military life in Churchill from Donald K. He graciously emailedme these back around December and I have FINALLY had time to get them up onto the Website.

For more on Donald, visit his very interesting reminiscences.


He labeled this as storage


Here is the Aerobee rocket launcher in action. Visit Lisa M's pictures to see it being built


I absolutely love these shots of a rocket being launched at night, or at twilight. There is such power in it.




Car buried in snow.


He labeled it "grain elevator." That tiny little bump on the center horizon is the building in question.


Hanging snow


Rocket launcher from afar. This view is exactly the same today as back then.


Pole line


Pond, view 1


Pond view 2


Better view of the rocket launcher. This is still there,on the grounds of what is now the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. Close up, it is quite an intimidating building


vintage radar station


pole lines - for telephones?
 Churchill, ca 1950s. The place has grown quite a bit, although it is STILL a very small town that can be crossed on foot in about 10 minutes (maybe longer in heavy snow). This might be Kelsey Avenue.


This is what happens to trees at the northern treeline. I was told that only larch and white spruce survive up here. I think these are spruce. Note how branches come out only in one direction. The permafrost dwarfs them and the wind off Hudson Bay has sculpted them into this flag-like shape. The name for such trees is "Krumholtz Formation." The same permafrost and wind also has caused all other species of plant life to be quite miniaturized. The only exception is a remnant boreal forest that exists between the CNSC and Twin Lakes. I don't know if it's in a protected location, or if permafrost isn't quite so pronounced there, but the trees there seem to be of relatively normal size and forest-type density.


this one is really buried! Lots of snow!


I utterly embarrassed myself when I saw this photo and made a very unflattering comment. Turns out it's a picture of the same handsome man found in Reminiscences. Donald himself. He looks much better without the mustache. Mortified, I apologized to him. He was gracious but I continue to be embarrassed over my foot-in-mouth email on the subject.