Deseret Deseret News

The Deseret News printed scores of articles written with the Deseret Alphabet. It did so somewhat sporadically over the course of three years - 1859, 1860, and again in 1864. The Deseret News was first published with a Ramage Printing Press as shown in the picture to the left. If possible, I recommend taking a visit to the Crandall Historic Printing Museum in Provo Utah. They have a replicas of the original Deseret News press as well as several other historically significant printing presses. The guided tours are fascinating as well as educational. It is an excellent museum and well worth the visit.

The articles are arranged chronologically and grouped by year. I have begun transcribing the articles from Deseret to Roman, and those transcriptions are paired with the original articles as you can see below. I will transcribe more articles in the future as time permits. The articles consist of scriptural quotations. There are some minor, but surprising, differences between our modern scriptures and the Deseret verses. The punctuation and capitalization of the transcriptions reflect that of the Deseret articles.

Many of the Deseret Deseret News articles were prefaced by the following paragraphs (although not all of the scanned immages show them):

   "We present to the people the Deseret Alphabet, but have not adopted any rules to bind the taste, judgment or preference of any. Such as it is you have it, and we are sanguine that the more it is practised and the more intimately the people become acquainted with it the more useful and beneficial it will appear.
   "The characters are designed to represent the sounds for which they stand, and are so used. Where one stands alone, the name of the character or letter is the word it being the only sound heard. We make no classification into vowels, consonants, &c., considering that to be of little or no consequence; the student is therefore at liberty to deem all the characters vowels or consonants or starters or stoppers or whatever else he pleases.
   "In the orthography of the published examples, Webster's pronunciation will be generally followed, though it will be varied from when general usage demands. All words having the same pronunciation will be spelled alike, and the reader will have to depend upon the context for the meaning of such words.
   "Since the arrival of the matricies, &c., for casting the Deseret Alphabet, it has been determined to adopt another character to represent the sound of EW, but untill we are prepared to cast that character, the characters [Deseret ih oo] will be used to represent the sound of EW in NEW. The Characters [Deseret aa eh] are sounded as AI in HAIR, for whitch one character will also be used, so soon as it can be procured."



  Feb 16,1859       Feb 23,1859       Mar 02,1859       Mar 09,1859       Mar 16,1859       Mar 23,1859    
  Feb 16 trans       Feb 23 trans       Mar 02 trans       Mar 09 trans       Mar 16 trans       Mar 23 trans    

  Apr 06,1859       Apr 13,1859       Apr 20,1859       Apr 27,1859       May 04,1859       May 11, 1859    
  Apr 06 trans       Apr 13 trans       Apr 20 trans       Apr 27 trans       May 04 trans       May 11 trans    

  May 18,1859       May 25,1859       Jun 1A,1859       Jun 1B,1859       Jun 08,1859       Jun 15,1859    
  May 18 trans       May 25 trans       Jun 1A trans       Jun 1B trans       Jun 08 trans       Jun 15 trans    

  Jun 22,1859       Jun 29,1859       Jul 06,1859       Jul 13,1859       Jul 20,1859       Jul 27,1859    
  Jun 22 trans       Jun 29 trans       Jul 06 trans       Jul 13 trans       Jul 20 trans       Jul 27 trans    

  Aug 03,1859       Aug 10,1859       Aug 17,1859       Aug 24,1859       Aug 31,1859       Sep 07,1859    
  Aug 03 trans       Aug 10 trans       Aug 17 trans       Aug 24 trans       Aug 31 trans       Sep 07 trans    

  Sep 14,1859       Sep 21,1859       Sep 28,1859       Oct 12,1859       Oct 19,1859       Nov 02,1859    
  Sep 14 trans       Sep 21 trans       Sep 28 trans       Oct 12 trans       Oct 19 trans       Nov 02 trans    

  Nov 09,1859       Nov 16,1859       Nov 23,1859       Nov 30,1859       Dec 14,1859       Dec 21,1859    
  Nov 09 trans       Nov 16 trans       Nov 23 trans       Nov 30 trans       Dec 14 trans       Dec 21 trans    

  Dec 28,1859    
  Dec 28 trans    


  Jan 04,1860       Jan 11,1860       Jan 25,1860       Feb 01,1860       Feb 08,1860       Feb 15,1860    

  Feb 22,1860       Feb 29,1860       Mar 07,1860       Mar 14A,1860       Mar 14B,1860       Mar 21,1860    

  Apr 11,1860       Apr 18,1860       Apr 25,1860       May 02,1860    


  May 11,1864       May 18,1864       May 25,1864       Jun 01,1864       Jun 08,1864       Jun 15,1864    

  Jun 22,1864       Jun 29,1864       Jul 06,1864       Jul 13,1864       Jul 20,1864       Jul 27,1864    

  Aug 10,1864       Aug 17,1864       Aug 24,1864       Nov 02,1864       Nov 16,1864       Nov 30,1864    

  Dec 28,1864