Deseret Poetry


Here is some of my poetry composed in the Deseret Alphabet. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. If you have any poetry that you would like me to include please let me know.

Advent. This is a Christmas poem I wrote in 2007.

Bologna!!. This is funny poem about everyone's favorite lunch meat - you guessed it - Bologna (ooh! ahh!).

His Work and Glory. This poem is about the Plan of Salvation.

Rebuking Winter. This poem is my response to a poem written by Robert Frost called 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'.

The 12th of September. I wrote this poem right after the attacks on the World Trade Center. It pretty much sums up my emotions at the time.

The Infinitely Fractional Banquet. This is a funny poem about dinner and mathematics.

The Life of the Deseret Alphabet. This poem expresses my sentiments about the Deseret Alphabet.

Mechanical Things. A poem about some of the amazing things we see around us on a daily basis.

Sins of The Tounge. A poem I wrote when I once stumbled upon some juicy information and was tempted to increase my social standing by sharing it with my coworkers.