Poetry, Puzzles, And The Like


The Deseret Alphabet is fun as well as interesting and useful. I have derived untold hours of enjoyment playing with it. Here I present to you some interesting and funny bits of work relating to the Deseret Alphabet. If you have any poetry or other items you would like me to add to this page, please let me know.

Funny Beesness

The word 'Deseret' means honeybee, but, since it has an alphabet named after it, it's also a spelling bee!

    Click here to learn "The Real Reason" that Brigham Young was so interrested in the development of the Deseret Alphabet.

"The Real Reason"

My wife is very smart. In fact she is smarter than I am in many ways, and when it comes to grammar and spelling she is miles ahead of me. I suspect that this is not an unusual pairing of abilities between husband and wife. I have heard that, in general, women have higher aptitudes for those sorts of language skills.

Whenever I write anything that may possibly come under the glance of her all-searching, all knowing editorial eye, and subsequent criticism, I only hope that I will have enough time to run it through a spell-checker before she gets close* enough to read it over my shoulder. If I am ever unfortunate enough to have to write something by hand in front of her I become keenly, and even painfully, aware of my shortcomings in that area.

Well, I've only got one wife! Just imagine if I had 20 or more! I ask you, what man in Brigham Young's position would not be motivated to develop and implement a simpler system of spelling!?

*Close enough for her eyes seems to be looking out the neighbors front room window, across the street, through our front room window, around the corner, down the stairs, into our family room, and over my shoulder.