Deseret Reading Material

In the mid- to late-1800's there were only four books printed in the Deseret Alphabet. There were three children's readers (The first two readers were based on Willson's Readers, and the third was a partial Book of Mormon containing 1Nephi through Words of Mormon.), and the complete Book of Mormon. There were also scores of newspaper articles printed in the Deseret News. Besides the books and newspaper articles, there were other items printed in the Deseret Alphabet such as journals, letters ( Shelton(A) / Shelton(B) ), shop signs, cards showing the Alphabet, coins, and at least one gravestone.

There are a few things that have been written in modern times also, and I hope to see, and produce, more of this type of work in the future. I have many of the items both old and new in the links above, but I am still missing some things. Most notably I do not have a good copy of the full Deseret Alphabet Book of Mormon (I do have a copy; however, the copy is an incredibly poor one). If you know where I can get a good electronic scan of it, or if you have scans (or originals that could be scanned) of this book that you would like to donate to this site please let me know.

A big thanks goes to M. Scott Reynolds for his work in scanning the Deseret First and Second Book.

Deseret Second Book, 1868