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International Conference on Chemical Bonding
August 11-16, 2022.

Kauai, HI, USA.

Note: August 11 is the arrival and registration day. The meeting will begin promptly in the morning of August 12 and continue to the evening of August 16. August 14 is a free day for participants to explore the island.

Organizers: Alexander Boldyrev (Utah State University) -
Anastassia Alexandrova (University of California, Los Angeles) -
Lai-Sheng Wang (Brown University) -
Natalia Boldyreva -


This conference is dedicated to a very fundamental concept in chemistry and material science - chemical bonding. For centuries, qualitative ideas of chemical bonding (such as Lewis electron pair, covalency, aromaticity, conjugation and hyperconjugation) helped scientists in the rationalization and prediction of molecular structures and properties. To date, the theory of chemical bonding keeps undergoing its rapid development, with new and unexpected aspects of chemical bonding continuously being discovered, and new functional materials being prepared along the way. This annual meeting will bring in theorists and experimentalists who probe and reveal new aspects of chemical bonding in matter and bond manipulation, and who use their research for the rational design of materials and property analysis.

From previous Participants:
    "We have to thank you for having assembled such a superb group of speakers - it was one of the most exciting conferences I remember!" -- Prof. Dr. Drc. h. c. Helmut Schwartz (TU Berlin)

    "I was overwhelmed at the conference and really liked the talks and the beautiful place. My family and I will come back in the future. Look forward to seeing you all in Beijing." -- Prof. Jun Li (Tsinghua University)

    "Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful meeting. I surely enjoyed learning many aspects of chemical bonding from different communities." -- Prof. Xiaosong Li (University of Washington)

    "It was a wonderful conference, which I enjoyed immensely. The quality of the speakers was superb! I've returned to Utah with lots of ideas for new experiments." -- Prof. Michael Morse (University of Utah)

    "This conference was even more exciting than I had anticipated. It was great fun to be surrounded by chemists and learn about their arguments and techniques to unravel the secrets of chemical bonding." -- Prof. Matthias Wuttig (Aachen University)

    "Many thanks for the organization. It was really worth the long trip." -- Prof. Clemence Corminboeuf (EPFL)

    "I see you're getting rave reviews from all over the globe, so I'll just add my personal thanks for a highly successful meeting" -- Prof. Frank Weinhold (University of Wisconsin)


This meeting will be held in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai, also known as the "Garden Isle". Official website of the island: For more information, check the VENUE page.