Chemistry 14D

Spring 2013 - UCLA

Music Videos


>270 Chem 14D students worked together to produce almost 100 music videos about organic chemistry! Many of the videos can be found on youtube, and just a few of our favorites are listed below with links.

(for visitors, you may notice a Super Hero theme in some of the videos)

Chem 14 Dreamers Mashup


Sayda Hartoonian

Laura Lorenzana

Michael Sianturi

Andy Truong

We’re all Superheroes


Winston Chang

Justin Kim

Penelope Kim-Lim

Pope Rodnoi

Today was an

O-Chem Day


Kush Bhatt

Vu Nguyen

Anmol Randhawa

Saachi Verma

Testz in 14D


Josh Chu

Albert Jeon

Patrick Yew

Alkenes are Used

for These


Emily Chuang

Jessica Lee

Christine Nguyen

Chem 14Digger


Rebecca Tsuei

Anuved Verma

Catherine Wang

Carla Wohlforth



Haris Akram

Enzo Ignacio

Peter Na

Binal Patel

I’ve Got the

OChem in Me


Justin Han

Jessica Kim

Paul Kim

Danbee Yun



Kayee Liu

Amit Pandya

Pratik Patel

Sam Wang

Check out the links below to watch some of the

best videos from previous Chem 14D classes.

2012 Videos

2011 Videos

We in the Lab from 2010

Chemistry Jock from 2010