Kaner Group Research

Conducting Polymers

Previous work done in the Kaner lab in the field of conducting polymers has focused mainly on polyaniline nanofiber formation and applications, such as chemiresistors, volatile memory, actuators, and morphological control of aniline oligomers via hierarchical assembly. As oligomers are small units of repeated polymers, oligomers make themselves ideal materials for revealing both physical and chemical fundamental properties.

Tetraaniline in full bloom

Recently, we have focused on the doping mechanism of how the roles of polarons and bipolarons play in the very beginning of the doping process with the confirmation of electron spin resonance. Also, we are trying to investigate photothermal properties, stability in solvents, chain behaviors with dopants, and other (quasi)-one dimensional characteristics of aniline oligomers. In addition to fundamental studies, we are also working on developing potential applications and interdisciplinary research with both conjugated oligomers and polymers.