Professor of Biochemistry and Member, Molecular Biology Institute; BS and PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Post-doctoral Scholar, Harvard University; Searle Scholar; National Institutes of Health Research Career Development Award; UCLA Faculty Career Development Awards;  Guggenheim Foundation Fellow; Charles Albert Shull Award of ASPB.


Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics of Metal Metabolism

       My research program encompasses four related projects: one dealing with the mechanism of signal transduction in the context of copper homeostasis, another dealing with iron metabolism, a third dealing with the mechanism of assembly of membrane-associated heme proteins, and a new project concerned with the cell biology of a key enzyme in chlorophyll biosynthesis, the aerobic cyclase.

       A large fraction of proteins require metals (e.g. Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn) or metal-cofactors (hemes, FeS centers, chlorophylls, cobalamin, molybdopterin) for function. The metal is invariably an important structural constituent of the protein, and it is essential for function in the proteins where it serves a catalytic role. Metals and metal cofactors are found in every cellular compartment and they function in diverse metabolic pathways. In one genome (of a photosynthetic microorganism), cofactor/prosthetic group metabolism accounts for as much as 12% of its function. The chemical reactivity, exploited in biology to make desirable catalysts, can cause intracellular damage if it is not controlled. Metal metabolism is, therefore, subject to tight homeostatic regulation.

        My group is addressing basic questions related to metal and metal cofactor metabolism. How is the abundance / availability of a cofactor within the cell controlled? How is the cofactor distributed to various organelles? Is there a hierarchy of distribution when the cofactor might be limiting (as a result of genetic lesion or sub-optimal nutritional supply)? What are the mechanisms that ensure highly selective association between a polypeptide and its cofactor?

       Our attention is focused on both inorganic (copper, iron) redox-active cofactors and tetrapyrrole cofactors (heme, chlorophyll) that are found in quantity in electron transfer pathways, such as respiration and photosynthesis. My program is based on our discoveries relating to the biogenesis of photosynthetic catalysts in chloroplasts.

        For more information on our projects, chose copper , heme, iron, or chlorophyll.

Positions for Ph.D. students and post-doctoral scholars are available on all projects.  Candidates with demonstrated research productivity (publication record) and expertise in genetics or biochemistry are especially encouraged to apply for post-doctoral positions.  Ph.D. candidates should apply to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,to ACCESS, or to the Molecular Toxicology Inter-departmental program. I participate also in the Plant Biology program.


From my Ph.D. thesis research

From my Post-Doctoral Research

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From my sabbatical in the Schatz group at the Biozentrum in Basel

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From my sabbatical in the Schekman group at UC-Berkeley

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1. Rochaix, J.-D., Goldschmidt-Clermont, M., Merchant, S., eds. (1998) Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas: Chloroplasts and Mitochondria. Advances in Photosynthesis (Govindjee, series ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers.


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