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Pictures from Seaborg 2002 Dinner

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Andrew Flood & Ralph Bauer


Paul Boyer, Honjie Dai and unidentified man


M. Fred & Diane Hawthorne and Howard & Phyllis Reiss


Bob and Libby Scott, Jessie Shephered


Kendall Houk and Lisa Wilson


Richard Smalley at dinner


Professor Kym Faull and Associates


Fraser Stoddart, Linda Burr, Nancy & Kary Mullis


Jim Gimzewski and Victoria Vesna


Jerome Zoidakis, Natalie Gassman, Sandra Hick and unidentified friend


Theresa Davis and Stacey Kalavidouris


William Gelbart, Tony Chan and Richard Smalley

Robin Garrell, 2002 Seaborg Conference Organizer, speaking at dinner



Robin Garrell closeup

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