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Pictures from the Seaborg Symposium 2002: The fun before Dinner

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Sarah Tolbert and Heather Maynard


Jeffrey and Claire Hall with unidentified friend


Nina Gelbart & Linda Wudl


Fred Wudl & Ralph Bauer




Andrew flood and Ralph Bauer


Michael Jung, Paul Boyer and Unidentified Woman


Kendall Houk, Dale & Phyllis Jergenson


Unidentified woman with Judi Smith


Jane Strouse (facing camera)


Michael Jung and unidentified woman


Table setting with mini-soccer balls to represent buckyballs


Kym Faull & Robin Garrell


Christopher Foote & Scott Vignon


Jim Heath, Richard Smalley and unidentified couple


The band


James B. Peter and Emil Reisler


Grad students having fun


Graduate Students toasting Smalley and Seaborg


Carolee Winstein and unidentified man








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