The Seaborg Symposium, 2004

Seaborg Reception and Banquet

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#1 Chuck Knobler, Fred Hawthorne, Margaret McTague, Diane Hawthorne


Albert and Robin Carnesale, Lucy Eisenberg


Mike Jung and Ta Yen Ching


Dan Anderson, Gary Fujii, Douig Rees and Steve Jordan (Amgen)


Henri Guiraud and Colleague


Todd Yeates and Marie-Claire McKenna


Mark Cardillo (Dreyfus), Dulio Cascio


Zhijun Zhang and Shunqui Yao, Todd Appleby


Shunqui Yao and Todd Appleby


Lewis Manring, Ta Yen Ching


Keith Cannon, John Carrino (Invitrogen)


Cliff Brunk, Steven Smith and unidentified companion


Marilyn and Robert Johnson, Ron Meyers


Kent Smith, Kym Faull, Ran Boytner


Zhijun Zhang and Shunqi Yao


Dale Steichen, Tom Goyne, Peggy Kline


Harold Martinson and Albert Carnesale


Robin Garrell, Albert Carnesale, Judi Smith and Juli Feigon


Marie-Claire McKenna, Robert Bau and Margaret Churchill


Alice Jung, Henri Guiraud and Sabeeha Merchant


John McTague, Theresa Davis and Ken Houk


Jeanie Tureblood, Charles Knobler and Bill Gelbart


Irving Zabin and Emil Reisler


Lucy Eisenberg and Tom Terwilliger


Daniel Atkinson, Charles West and Douglas Rees


Ken Houk and Irene and Melville Sahyun


Gerald Levery, Reid Johnson, Lianna Johnson


Sharing a joke


Ada Yonath, Jim and Laura Lake, Cliff Brunk


Jan Russell, Fabienne Guerlin and Sabeeha Merchant


Odisse Azizgolshani, Genny Glavin and Juli Feigon


Robin Garrell, Harold Martinson and Todd Yeates


Michael and Judith Grunstein and Sabeeha Merchant


Ron Meyers, Leonard Unger


Adele Yellin, Walley Baer


Lucy Eisenberg, Ben Neufeld, Atsuko Fujimoto


Unidentified woman and Agda Simpson


Tom Terwilliger, Todd Yeates and Unidentified Woman


Catching up



Paul Boyer and Adela Smith


Paul Boyer and Adela Smith



Unidentified Couple


Steven Jordan and Theresa Davis


Keigh Cannon and John Carrino (Invitrogren)


Heather Maynard and Arnold Baas


Irene Sahyun and Steven Smith


Charming unidentified couple


Daniel Atkinson and Carole West


Ann Kromsky and Angie Parseghian

Compiled by Alice Ramirez on 12/17/04