Churchill Northern Studies Centre



Riding back to the CNSC. That red building in the background is one of the cabin outbuildings


Unidentified towns guy, the then-preg. wife of the dog handler (I THINK her name was Stacy. I liked her quite a bit, but really disliked her husband) and Susan Polischuk, the resident visiting polar bear biologist.



At the edge of he CNSC parking lot


Susan P, tryuing her hand at dog handling


Susan, that town guy and the dogs/sled at the edge of the CNSC parking lot



Dog handling


Me, on the way to Twin Lakes, with some of the dogs


He was a charmer, just getting his own team up and running, taking pointers from the professionals hired by the CNSC during the '97 Lords of the Arctic vacations.


A rest om the way to Twin Lakes. The trees in the backgrouind are part of a remnant boreal forest, totally unusual this far north.


That guy again


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