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Introduction to Polar Bears

Polar Bear Facts/ Polar Bear High Season Tips/ Bear Lore/

Rules of Bear Safety 1/

Rules of Bear Safety 2/

Wildlife Management applied to Polar Bears


 Churchill - The town

Everybody's base camp. Basic information.

 Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Intellectual Center of the region

 The Great Hudson Bay Dip and Relay race.

You, too, can go splashing into the icy waters of Hudson Bay, competing for a prize and freeze your butt off (the way I did)



Birding in Churchill


Ecology Sub-Arctic/Arctic life forms not covered elsewhere, are covered here.



Amazing Botany at this sub-Arctic/Arctic Transition Zone



The largest healthy population of Beluga Whales migrate to the Churchill River in July.


Fascinating Geology from the Canadian Shield, through the Glaciers, plus other strange and fascinating formations.

Polar Bear "evacuation."

Wildlife Management, Churchill-style


A Gallery of Churchill Landscapes. Tundra, boreal forest, rocky coastlines, rocky inland, fairie meadows, sapphire-blue pools, and more

Resource Guide
Churchill Blog -
 Canada HQ Resource Directory
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 Car Rentals Canada - Resource guide for renting cars in Canada


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