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The Helicopter lands. The problem bears will be airlifted to the wilderness apx. 25 miles north of Churchill.

Steve Miller, the pilot and a totally fascinating character, plus the Wildlife Mgmt Officers, discuss strategy. Behind them is the "Polar Bear Jail" where the little family has been held, and now drugged in readiness.

Mama and her 2 cubs have been brought out, drugged. The officers load the cubs into the copter, where they will ride with Steve to their new home. They are too fragile to ride with Mama in the cargo net.

The cargo net has been spread. Mama bear is to be wrapped in this.


Mama Bear appears to be peeping out from behind the wagon, but she is thoroughly oblivious. Her eyes have been covered with vaseline to protect them from wind and cold during the airlift.


The cargo net holding Mama Bear must be attached to Steve's helicopter.


 The Airlift commences. In this manner, they humanely remove problem bears from the area. They do this in the cases of

  • Females with cubs
  • Overcrowding, which tends to occur during polar bear high season.


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