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Churchill, Canada is an Arctic / Sub-Arctic transition zone located in the southern tundra off the western shores of Hudson Bay. Although most famous for its polar bears, its summertime attractions (late June through early August) include Beluga Whales, many species of native and migratory birds, botany (the tundra is in bloom at this time of year, a glorious carpet of miniature flowers growing among bogs, on the tundra, in a remnant boreal forest. The fascinating and varied geology is most visible in summer. Adventure travelers should also bring their cameras, because it's a great place for photography (see some of the illustrations visible when you link to the various sections, to get an idea). On the negative side, the air teams with insects, the mosquitoes being the most plentiful. Spiders spin huge and beautiful webs in remote areas, so you need to be prepared. If you bring Deet (or equivalent) wear a bug suit and bring along anti-itch medicine to take care of lapses, you'll be just fine. Don't let the arctic insects stop you.


Link here to get a feel of local subArctic/Arctic transition zone botany

 Beluga Whales

The only remaining healthy population of Beluga whales migrates to Churchill every summer. Link here to learn more.


150 species of birds migrate to the Churchill region every summer to feed on the insects. This makes Churchill a major bird-watching destination.


The Geology up here is fascinating and varied.



This sub-Arctic/Arctic transition zone is rich in many fascinating species.


 Fun in Churchill

The Great Hudson Bay Dip and Relay Race and other fun