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Churchill is an Arctic/Subarctic transition zone that includes botany and wildlife from both ecosystems. The link above takes you to the botany section. For some reason, when you run a search on Arctic botany it brings you here, instead of to my botany link. You will hopefully find useful information if you click to the above.

Polar Bear Safety Rules and Self Defense

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polar bears, bears, safety

 Bear Safety Facts

A hair raising conversation with Ray

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Polar bear biologist, Susan Polischuk, standing in a set of fresh polar bear tracks in the woods near the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.

 What you should know about a Polar Bear's sense of smell
Stranded! A true story about how I found myself stranded, alone and on foot, in polar bear backcountry with only a starter pistol and lightweight aluminum tripod to protect me.


Steve is the professional helicopter pilot who takes many of his meals at the Centre. He owns one of the two helicopter services that offers helicopter tours to tourists. (I believe his company is Western Helicopter Tours). He is also the one used when the local wildlife authorities need someone to airlift polar bears from the polar bear jail to wilderness further north.When polar bears wander into town, they are captured, either in giant hav-a-heart traps, or brought down by tranqulizer gun. Then they are taken to a giant quanset hut called The Polar Bear Compound, or The Polar Bear Jail. Here they are held (during late fall, at least, for no longer than 22 days or until the Bay freezes over. Instinct will then guide them away from town. If the bay takes its time to freeze over, they are Airlifted by helicopter then released further north where they won't cause any more annoyance. More about this in

Polar Bear Management.

polar bears, bears, safetypolar bears, bears, safetypolar bears, bears, safetypolar bears, bears, safety

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