Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Landscapes in and around the CNSC


The CNSC main building on a typically gray November day. The parking lot is quite a popular hangout for polar bears. A sign on the inside of the front door, very visible as you walk outside reads something like "Look to you left, to right and look up. Polar bears are very crafty and dangerous hunters." Since then-Director Mike Carter used to always take a large rifle with him when he went outside, we all tended to take the sign rather seriously.


Bear tracks in the snow not too far from the CNSC Building. A female polar bear biologist stood in one of these footprints. Both her feet, together, were only slightly larger than one of these paw prints.


The back end of the CNSC Building on a brilliantly sunny November day.

Those grids you see on all the first-floor windows are not burglar bars. They are bear bars.


An old Nike missle, now used as a landscaping ornament, that same sunny day

I wouldn't mind one of these in my own front yard, but.. .oh well! Not in PC California, I suppose. SIGH!


Rocky shoreline on the way to the CNSC from town. The landscape varies dramatically from spot to spot. Shortly beyond this spot, the road turns, the cliff overlooking this beach becomes a gentle slope, and it's just a meadow.


A white spruce tree just beyond the CNSC parking lot. It always astonished me how unspoiled this place was despite the military base and a bustling tourism industry.


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