Churchill Northern Studies Centre


some of the characters I encountered while at the CNSC


Harvey was an absolute hoot! He was a crazy French-Canadian who didn't usually dress this way, It was Halloween evening and he had decided to go to a party dressed as a voyageur.


Harvey liked to flip me off. I usually flipped back. This time I just took his picture.


Harvey getting into the mood for the party


Harvey was not the tidiest guy I ever met


Harvey in foreground, Susan Polischuk, the resident polar bear biologist, in the background.


Joan was an absolute character. She had some of the greatest polar bear stories. I don't think she is still working at the CNSC.


Joan with her rifle


Khristie and Melinda in the CNSC dining room. Khristie was a volunteer and Melinda the housekeeper at the time I was last there.


Joan and Melinda in the kitchen. What gave the kitchen a special charm was the pet ferrit or whatever it was, that lived under the kitchen counters and other such hiding places. Might not have been a ferrit. It was that species that becomes ermine in the winter then goes back to its brown coloration in warm weather. Very cute little guy. I suppose he's not there any more. I don't know how long those little guys live. He was REALLY cute, though.


Mike Carter, then-director of the CNSC. He has since moved on to Law School, has probably graduated from law school, and is probably a lawyer somewhere now.




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