Photos and Reminiscences from Sam F___

(since I just now realized that I hadn't asked permission to put up his full name, I'm just using his first name, at least for now)

MOST of the comments under the pix are Sam's.

Sam's emails to me

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Duke of Edinburgh Elementary and High School


Aerobee Rocket Launching Site


"Picture of the base looking eastward toward the rocket launch facility"


This is not really an old friend. But she could have been the best-looking girl I saw in the nine months I was in Churchill.

 A very rough map of themilitary base.


Enlisted men's squad room


"This was our playground before the snow came. The housing in the upper right was for a lot of Mounties.


It's Hudson Bay all the way to the Horizon.


Part of learning to live in a hostile environment. Note the number of trees


The snow came. We lived in the two buildings near the truck and worked in the building where all those funny little things are spread all over the ground. You can get a sense of how far we were from the main base area.


Looking South. The hospital in the foreground and the horizonis the 58th Parallel.


Looking West toward the village. The large building is the grain elevator


Just a clever map of where Churchill is.


Fr. Churchill Military Hospital