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First-Year Core Laboratory Courses

For The Life Science, Physical Science and Engineering Majors


"Science operates according to a law of conservation of difficulty.

The simplest questions have the hardest answers;

to get an easier answer, you need to ask a more complicated question."

George Musser, SciAm

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Chemistry is a diverse subject that overlaps many other sciences like biology, geology, physics and atmospheric science. In order to fully “appreciate” chemistry, one needs to understand both the theoretical side and the practical side of chemistry.

The first-year chemistry laboratory courses offered in the UCLA Chemistry Department provide students an opportunity to combine the theoretical aspects of chemistry with “reality”. Students have the opportunity to learn various analytical techniques as well as spectroscopic techniques that are routinely used in commercial laboratories when analyzing unknown samples. The core first-year chemistry laboratory courses include 14BL, 14CL, 20L and 30AL. From the design of the laboratories to the design of the courses, we pursue the following goals:

New experiments and technological developments are added to the curriculum every year so that students can benefit and learn diverse chemical topics that will prove useful long after the courses end.

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