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Roleplaying games are one of the more geeky past times I still indulge in. However, the format has changed for me. Nolonger are the day long table top games, far to many of us are busy for that. Instead the medium is e-mail; play when you want when you can.

Currently I am preparing to run a game set in a ficticious city of San Cibola. The start date was June 17th, 2004.

I think of this as an exercise in creative writing. Some may ask, why not just do some shared story telling, why a game. A game has rules and these rules define the universe of the story. This gives a common frame work that gives consistency to each writer. A character in the story can't all of sudden have special insight or powers, a fall from a twenty story building has the same effect on everyone. Hence, a game with rules.

If you want to know more about roleplaying visit my friend Mike's place. Don't be surprised to find that his site looks familar.

This page last updated: July 2, 2004