Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Group News

June 2016

Jack Bracken has won the Pfizer-UCLA Dissertation Award. Congratulations, Jack!

March 2016

Welcome to our undergraduate researchers Craig Clark and Dyana Pacas.

Tristin and Brice's manuscript on macrocyclic pyrroloindolines has been accepted in Chemical Science.

January 2016

The lab welcomes Dr. Takuya Fujimoto, a visiting scientist on leave from Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Japan.

Welcome to Dr. Zhengao Feng who recently completed his Ph.D at UC Santa Barbara.

November 2015

Professor Harran has been elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

July 2015

Welcome to our summer rotation student, Ethan Rosser, and our CSST exchange student, Liubo Li.

June 2015

Tristin Rose has won the Aldrich-UCLA Dissertation Award. Congratulations, Tristin!

Brandon Sumida has won the prestigious Geissman Award for Undergraduates. We wish Brandon the best as he moves on to medical school at Cornell.

March 2015

Francesco Manoni has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Human Frontier Science Program.

February 2015

Hui Ding's Angewandte Chemie manuscript, Tristin's Chemical Science paper, and Jack and Andrew's contribution to the Harry Wasserman memorial issue of Tetrahedron Letters have been accepted for publication.

November 2014

Tristin Rose is honored with the Majeti-Alapati Fellowship for Research in Organic Chemistry, and Tyler Allred wins the Hanson-Dow Teaching Assistant Award.

August 2014

Therillia Development Company Inc. launches with initial focus on chemistry discovered in the Harran laboratory. (

June 2014

Welcome to our Amgen Scholars Summer Student, Sara Daley from Boston College, and our CSST exchange student, Junyu Gong from Nankai University.

Harran Laboratory awarded NIH grant to study synthetic antagonists of mBOAT functions.

April 2014

Harran Laboratory awarded NIH grant to study synthetic prodiginines as potentiators of apoptosis.

March 2014

Ken Lawson's doctoral thesis receives committee approval. Congratulations, Dr. Lawson!

February 2014

Dr. James Frederich accepts faculty appointment at Florida State University.

November 2013

Professor Harran receives the Hanson-Dow Award for Excellence in Teaching.

October 2013

Ken Lawson has accepted a postdoctoral position at Harvard University starting in Spring 2014.

September 2013

Ken Lawson and Tristin Rose's paper, "Template Constrained Macrocyclic Peptides Prepared from Native, Unprotected Precursors," was accepted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

August 2013

Andrew Roberts departs for a postdoctoral position at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Best of luck, Andrew.

June 2013

Congratulations to Kimberly Lau for receiving the Raymond and Dorothy Wilson Endowment summer research fellowship.

Welcome to our incoming summer rotation students: Andrew Carlson, Rocky Chiang, Elias Picazo and Andres Uribe-Rodriguez.

June 2013

Andrew Roberts will be presenting his thesis research at the graduate symposium on June 8, 2013.

May 2013

Jim Frederich was awarded the MBI Postdoctoral Award and Amgen Prize.

Jack Bracken was named a Senior Foote Fellow.

Ken Lawson and Tristin Rose's manuscript, "Template-induced macrocycle diversity through large-ring forming alkylations of tryptophan," was accepted for the Tetrahedron Prize Special Issue.

Tristin Rose received funding for his CRCC proposal to create new small molecules useful for probing the functions of the mitotic rotamase PIN1.

April 2013

Jim Frederich awarded an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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