Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Group News

November 2020

• Evan and Morris' study on the photorearrangement of pyridinophane N-oxide is published. Congratulations!

October 2020

• Our discovery that callyspongiolide is a potent inhibitor of the vacuolar ATPase is published. Congratulations Rupert!

September 2020

• Ishika's computational study on composite peptidic macrocycles is published on Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA). Congratulations!

June 2020

• Rupert won the John Stauffer Excellence in Research Award. Emily and Luke won the Michael E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Award. Congratulations!

May 2020
• Luke's studies on hybrid cyclopeptidyl sulfanes and composite macrobicyclic peptides are published. Well done Luke!

April 2020
Angel Mendoza received 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Angel!

January 2020
• Ms. Ishika Saha named a Senior Foote Fellow. Congratulations Ishika!

November 2019
Professor Harran hosted Professor Jennifer Doudna (University of California, Berkeley) for the 2019 Donald J. Cram Distinguished Lecture. Amazing lecture!

• Tomo, Sal and Angel's beautiful work on fluoro-scaffolded macrocycles is published in Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations!

July 2019
• Welcome to the Summer CSST students Lanshu Li and Jingyang Zhang.

April 2019
• Anton El Khoury wins a departmental Excellence in Teaching Award. Congratulations Anton!

• Professor Harran delivers the inaugural Robert Foster Cherry Lecture at Baylor University.

March 2019
• Warm welcome to new graduate students Angel Mendoza, Morris Dweck and Ani Mustafa.

January 2019
• Zhengao, Tyler and Evan's marineosin total synthesis is published in JACS. Congratulations!

December 2018
• Dr. Zhengao Feng departs for a new position at FMC Corporation. Congratulations Zhengao!

September 2018
• Harran laboratory involved in a unique UCLA start-up.

July 2018
• Welcome to our incoming summer rotation students: Cesar Garcia and Morris Dweck.

June 2018
• Tyler Allred submits a beautiful thesis and departs for a postdoc with Larry Overman at UC Irvine. Best of luck Dr. Allred!

• Mr. Cole Meyer awarded the Dean’s Prize at Research Poster Day 2018. He is off to graduate school at UT Austin. Knock their socks off Cole!

May 2018
• Hui and Andrew, publish their beautiful auto-oxidation cascades.

April 2018
• Dr. Francesco Manoni accepts a position at Amgen in Thousand Oaks. Congratulations Francesco!

• Dyana Kenanova received the Raymond & Dorothy Wilson Research Fellowship at the departmental awards ceremony and is off to graduate school at the University of California, San Francisco. We wish her all the best!

March 2018
• Brice and Francesco’s article is published in the J. Organic Chemistry.

February 2018
• Francesco, Cory and Rupert’s manuscript on callyspongiolide synthesis is highlighted in the Royal Society's Chemistry World.

January 2018
• Hui, David and Emily’s patent application on inhibitors of the ghrelin O-acyl transferase has been licensed by Enspire Bio., Inc.

• Francesco, Cory and Rupert’s manuscript on callyspongiolide synthesis is published.

December 2017
• Dr. Brice Curtin has filed his thesis and is off to a post-doc at MIT. Best of luck Brice!

September 2017

Evan Hurlow's beautiful cover design accepted for the thematic issue
of Chemical Reviews featuring Tyler and Francesco's manuscript.

August 2017

Professor Harran finishes another perfect summer with South Central Scholars.
What a spectacular group of young people. Look out college, here they come!

July 2017
• Welcome to our incoming graduate summer students, Evan Hurlow, Salvador Bernardino, and Anton El Khoury, as well as our CSST exchange scholar, Wenjing Wei.

Professor Harran interviewed for Australian Broadcasting Corp's "The Science Show".

June 2017
Dr. Andrew Roberts has accepted a faculty position at the University of Utah and will open his new laboratory in August.

May 2017
• Dyana Kenanova has been awarded Raymond and Dorothy Wilson Fellowship and Cole Meyer has received the Alpha Chi Sigma Summer Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Dyana and Cole!

• Tyler and Francesco's manuscript entitled "Exploring the Boundaries of ‘Practical’: De Novo Syntheses of Complex Natural Product-Based Drug Candidates" has been accepted in a special issue of Chemical Reviews.

April 2017
• Professor Harran delivers IOC Foundation Yoshida Award lectures at Kyoto and Osaka Universities in Japan.

March 2017

Professor Harran visits his former student Anthony Burgett and delivers the
Karcher-Barton Lecture at the University of Oklahoma.

Celebrating the group’s recent total synthesis of callyspongiolide
and Cory’s last weekend in Los Angeles. We wish Cory the
very best as he returns home to Switzerland.

January 2017
• Dr. Tristin Rose nominated for a Chancellor's Postdoctoral Award and starts new job at EvoRx in Pasadena. Good luck Tristin!

December 2016
• Research in the Harran Laboratory recognized with the Herbert Newby McCoy Award.

November 2016

Hui Ding's work on DZ-2384 is featured in the UCLA Newsroom.

October 2016

Happy Halloween from the Harran laboratory!

• Dr. Hui Ding's collaborative paper was accepted in Science Translational Medicine. This work represents the culmination of a nearly 15-year effort in the Harran laboratory.

• The lab welcomes Mr. Corentin Rumo, a visiting scholar on leave from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

September 2016
• A wonderful trip down memory lane for the Harran group, courtesy of Professor Mark Peczuh at UConn.

August 2016

Professor Harran wraps up another great summer
with the South Central Scholars program.

July 2016
• Welcome to our incoming summer rotation students: Joseph Jaye, James McDaniel, Monica Pengshung, and Luke Sisto.

June 2016
• Jack Bracken has won the Pfizer-UCLA Dissertation Award. Congratulations, Jack!

March 2016
• Welcome to our undergraduate researchers Craig Clark and Dyana Pacas.

• Tristin and Brice's manuscript on macrocyclic pyrroloindolines has been accepted in Chemical Science.

January 2016
• The lab welcomes Dr. Takuya Fujimoto, a visiting scientist on leave from Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Japan.

• Welcome to Dr. Zhengao Feng who recently completed his Ph.D at UC Santa Barbara.

November 2015
Professor Harran has been elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

July 2015
• Welcome to our summer rotation student, Ethan Rosser, and our CSST exchange student, Liubo Li.

June 2015
• Tristin Rose has won the Aldrich-UCLA Dissertation Award. Congratulations, Tristin!

• Brandon Sumida has won the prestigious Geissman Award for Undergraduates. We wish Brandon the best as he moves on to medical school at Cornell.