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The stuff below might be useful but much is probably obsolete since it's been a few years. For up to date lodging info, go to and request the current accommodations and campground guide (found in the General Vacation Kit).


LAZY BEAR LODGE AND CAFE - This is a new one I haven't tried yet but it sounds good. Go to to visit their website.

Contact: P.O. Box 931, Churchill, MB, R0B-0E0 Canada Phone: (204) 675-2969 or 1-866-OUR-BEAR
Fax: (204) 675-2408

I've stayed in these next two.

POLAR INN, 15 Franklin Street, Box 1031, Churchill R0B 0E0, Phone: 204/675-8878; Fax: 204/675-2647.

Very comfortable rooms, pleasantly decorated. I liked the instant very hot and very cold water from the faucets and a bathtub with shower. The people running it seem nice. No on-site restaurant, but not a problem since a number of them are within very easy walking distance.


BEAR COUNTRY INN-on Kelsey Avenue almost directly across the street from Trader's Table and the adjoining Trader's Outpost. Bear Country Inn can be a special godsend to people traveling by train. Whether you have to check out of your hotel by noon, or you come early from the Northern Studies Centre in order to hand in a rental car, you will be unable to check your luggage into the train station until about 8:00 p.m. for the 10:00 p.m. departure. I can tell you that the last thing you want to do is to have to kill 6-7 hours in Churchill while dragging around 50+ pounds of luggage!

Bear Country Inn will rent you a room for the day at $30 (as of July 1996. I am sure that prices have gone up!!!). It gives you a place to crash, dump your luggage, take a shower, watch TV and even have a meal delivered to your room. When the time comes to go to the train station, someone will drive you there in the hotel van.

This hotel has smaller rooms than Polar Inn; the decor and facilities are a bit more Spartan, but it's clean and adequate. The people running it are very friendly and offer free shuttle service to the train station. It's right on Kelsey Ave., the main street.

Mailing address: Box 788 Churchill, Manitoba, R0B 0E0, Canada Phone: (204) 675 8299 Fax: (204) 675 8803. Rates June through September--$58.00 single and $68.00 double. October through November-$68.00 single and $78.00 double. Free van service to and from the airport or train station for guests travelling without a group. They are willing to organise tours in the region. Complimentary morning tea and coffee

BELOW are the other hotels/motels and lodges in and around Churchill. I know nothing about them except for the information I have taken from the Manitoba Canada 1995 Accommodation Campground Guide. Prices may have changed since then, but at least the information will give you an idea of what you should plan to spend. I understand that at least one new hotel has opened up, so I strongly advise that you call Tourism Canada and get your own, updated Manitoba Canada tourism packet.

NAME RATES S=Single,D=Double BATH; S=Shower,CB=Central BATH CREDIT CARDS OPERATING SEASON Address Phone              
Churchill Motel On Request YES YES Year Round Kelsey&Franklin, Box 218, Churchill R0B 0E0 Phone:204/675-8853; Fax:204/675-8228 Northern Lights Lodge $50S,$60D S,CB YES JUNE-NOV Box 70, Churchill R0B 0E0 Phone: 204/675-2403; Fax: 204/675-2011
Seaport Hotel $75S; $85D Yes Yes Year Around 299 Kelsey Blvd., Box 399, Churchill R0B 0E0 Phone:204/675-8807; Fax: 204/675-2795              
Tundra Inn $75 Yes Yes Year Around 34 Franklin St., Box 999, Churchill R0B 0E0 Phone:204/675-8831; Toll-Free: 800/265-8563; Fax: 204/675-2764              

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