ACS Membership and Blankets

Send an email to if you're interested in getting a blanket. Or visit the Facebook group page for more information.

Instructions/ Guidelines:
  1. Send an email to if you're interested in getting a blanket. Or visit the Facebook group page. This way, we will get you ACS membership (someone will nominate you). Then we can find someone for you to nominate so you can get a blanket..
  2. Click here to visit the Member-Get-A-Member page.
  3. Click "Nominate a Candidate" to be directed to the online application. Fill out the application (it's very brief). This form will generate an email to be sent to your nominee.
  4. The nominator, the current ACS member, receives the blanket at whatever address is used in making the ACS account, so make sure your address information has been updated on the ACS site! It takes ~3 weeks for a blanket to arrive. The nominee does not get a blanket. You have to nominate someone else to get your own blanket, and that nominee actually has to get membership. That is why we're playing tag team: A nominates B, B becomes a member and nominates C, C becomes a member and nominates D, etc.

  5. You can nominate multiple people and get multiple blankets.

  6. If you apply for membership directly from the ACS site (by clicking the Join ACS button) instead of waiting for an email to be sent to you, no one will get a blanket. Instead, you will get a beach towel or something less warm and less awesome.

  7. As a nominee, once you receive an email to join ACS, the undergrad student fee is $27 for the first year, without a subscription to Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). As a UCLA student, you can access C&EN anyway.

  8. If you decide not to get membership after all, let us know so we can edit the order of tagging people.

Benefits of membership can be found here.

Probably one of the best perks is a huge discount on attending conferences.

  • Do not go directly to the ACS site to apply for membership yourself!
  • Otherwise, no one gets a free blanket through the Member-Get-a-Member program. Wait for the email to be sent to you.
  • If you would like to receive a blanket, please email and we will send you a referral email for your ACS membership application.



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